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    Bergamot, Chinese Orange


    African Neroli



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    In 17th century Italy, Anne Marie Orsini the Princess of Nerola discovered an essential oil from the flowers of the bitter orange tree that had the most incredible and distinct scent. Its fragrance was the combination of the sweetness of a grapefruit, freshness of green meadows and hints of lily, bitterness and herbs.

    She loved this scent and wore it so frequently that it inspired the other aristocratic women to follow suit. Soon, it became a favorite among the upper-classes. It is said that she was the first person to use this scent to perfume her baths and gloves. Eventually, inspired by the city of its origins, this distinctive scent was christened Neroli.

    The best time to extract Neroli oil is when the bitter orange plant starts to bloom, between March and April. As the flowers are too delicate to endure distillation from direct steam, the essential oil is produced through the process of water distillation and only the white petals of the flowers are used. It is said that 100 kg of orange blossoms yield only 80 grams of Neroli oil.

    Neroli oil has amazing skincare properties as it penetrative power is 70 times more than common skincare ingredients. Thus, it has the ability to reach deep into the skin and work to improve overall skin quality by improving the body’s ability to develop new skin cells, minimize pores and clear blemishes.